How do I unsubscribe from a freecycling group on Yahoo Groups?

If you're unsubscribing because you're getting too much email or have other problems with the group, you should switch to trash nothing. We make freecycling groups easier to use and don't flood you with email. It only takes a minute to join your local freecycle groups on trash nothing and then you can unsubscribe from your groups on Yahoo Groups by following the directions below.

To unsubscribe from a freecycle group on Yahoo Groups:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Groups Group listing page (you'll be asked to login to Yahoo if you aren't logged in)
  2. For each group you want to unsubscribe from, find the group name and click on it to go to the group homepage.
  3. On the homepage under the group name, click the link labelled "Membership" and then click "Edit Membership".
  4. Finally, click the button labelled "Leave Group".