• How do I add a group to my account?
    1. Go to the Groups page and click the button labelled "Add Group".
    2. The Add Groups page should then show a list of groups in your location. If you need to change the location, just click the location name near the top of the page to change it.
    3. For each group you want to add, click the green button to the right of the group name that is labelled with a plus symbol.

    Once you add a group, a subscription request is automatically sent to the group. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for your request to be approved (but we'll automatically email you once you are approved). The reason for the delay is that some group moderators choose to moderate membership requests in order to prevent spammers and non-local people from joining.

  • How do I contact the moderators?

    Each group is run by one or more volunteer moderators who set the rules for the group and manage the group members and group posts. You can use the Moderator contact page to get in touch with the moderators who run your local groups.

    If you're reporting some one to the moderators, you may also want to leave feedback on the person.

  • How do I report a message or conversation?
    1. Go to the messages page and view the conversation.
    2. Open the options menu by clicking the three vertical dots icon near the top right of the conversation.
    3. Click "Report"
  • How do I report a post?

    When you view a post on the site or in the apps, there is a button labelled "Report" that shows up below every post that you can click to report the post to the volunteer moderators.

  • How do I start a new group?

    It only takes a minute to start a new group in your area. Just fill out and submit the new group form to create a new group.

  • How do I unsubscribe from a group on trash nothing?

    If you have an account on trash nothing, you can use the Groups page to unsubscribe from a group. Simply click the button labelled with an "X" that shows up to the right of the group that you want to unsubscribe from.

  • I can't find any groups near me!

    You can still post Offers and Requests and see posts from other people in your local area without belonging to any groups. Just make sure you've set the post options on your account to match the area you want to see posts from.

    If you'd like to start a new group in your area, just fill out and submit the new group form to create a new group.

  • Where are all the posts? I don't see any posts?

    There are a couple reasons you might not see any posts. To see posts, you first have to be logged in to trash nothing. Next, check that your post options location is correct on the Settings page and that you have added all your local groups on the the Groups page.

    If you've followed the directions above and you're still not seeing any posts, it may be that your local area isn't very active or doesn't have many people using trash nothing yet. Often groups in smaller towns and rural areas have fewer members and less activity. Increasing the post options distance on the Settings page and joining groups that are farther away may help.

    And even if you don't see many posts, you can still submit posts and other members in your area will see your posts. And spreading the word about the groups well help make your local area more active. Also be sure to check that you have the digest emails enabled so that you'll be notified whenever there are new posts.