How do I reply to a post that I'm interested in?

If you're on the site, in the app or reading a digest email, simply click on the post title to view the full details of the post. Once you are viewing the full post, click the large green button labelled "Reply" that shows up below the post description (on mobile devices) or to the right of the post description (on laptops and desktop computers)*.

If you don't see a Reply button, then there should be text in the area where the reply button usually is explaining why (you may need to login or join the group the post is from or the post may no longer be active).

Keep in mind that the person offering the item may hear from multiple people who want it, so you might not always get the item.

If the offerer picks you, you and the offerer will arrange a time and place for you to pickup the item. Usually, you pickup the item at or near the offerer's home.

*The reply button only shows up when you view other peoples posts and not when you view your own posts. Other people viewing your post will see a reply button and be able to reply.