How do I stay safe?

It's always up to you to decide who you want to communicate with or gift your items to. To help you decide, you can view the profiles of other members to see their feedback scores and their posting history. How people communicate with you is also important - so trust your judgement.

To avoid scams - never pay for items or for courier or delivery charges. Everything posted must be free.

To exchange an item safely, it's recommended to leave the items you're giving away on your doorstep or arrange a meeting in a public place. The recipient is expected to travel to pick-up the item at a time and place that is convenient for the person giving away the item but both people should be comfortable with the arrangements.

It's also easy to report posts, conversations and other people to the volunteer moderators if you think someone is breaking the rules.

And don't forget to leave feedback for other people - every bit helps to build trust in the community.