How does feedback work?

The feedback information you see on other members has two main parts - a feedback score and a positive feedback percentage. If you've used eBay before, then you'll probably be familiar with how these work.

The feedback score is a number shown inside a colored box with an arrow next to it. The arrows and the coloring are just a quick visual indicator of whether someone's feedback is good (blue with an up arrow) or bad (red with a down arrow)*. The feedback score is the count of all positive feedback a member has received minus the count of all negative feedback a member has received. A positive score means that a member has received more positive feedback than negative feedback. And a negative feedback score means that a member has received more negative feedback. So higher scores are better.

The positive feedback percentage shows what percent of the feedback a member has received in the last year was positive. This gives a better understanding of the data that makes up the feedback score and provides a good summary of the more recent feedback a member has received. If a member hasn't received any feedback in the last year, then no positive feedback percentage will be shown.

The feedback system was only launched in 2020 so there are many members (both long time and new members) who won't have any feedback shown.

*In more detail, the red box with a down arrow shows up when someone has a feedback score that is less than zero. Otherwise the box will be blue and have an up arrow.