What are the rules and guidelines?

Only posts that are giving away or requesting free, legal and family-friendly items are allowed. Members are expected to always be respectful and polite when posting and communicating with other members.

In more detail, the following are not allowed in posts or in messages to other members:

  • No buying, selling, trading, bartering or requesting money
  • No alcohol, tobacco, weapons or prescription drugs
  • No services or jobs
  • No promotions or advertising
  • No real estate, rentals or housing
  • No coupons or vouchers
  • No spamming

Anyone who plans to resell items must say in their posts and messages that they plan to resell items they receive. This gives the people giving away items the chance to decide whether they want their item to be resold or not.

Certain rules can vary from group to group depending on the volunteer moderators who run each group.

For example, most groups don't allow posting animals or pets and don't allow requests to borrow items but some groups do.

And rules on how often posts can be reposted vary from group to group. With most groups, you can repost Offers after a few days and Requests after a couple weeks.

If you have a question about your local groups' rules, please contact the moderators.

If a post is breaking a rule, please report the post.

If another member has broken a rule, please report the member.