What does it mean if a post is promised, gifted, received, withdrawn or expired?

Promised is shown on Offer posts when someone has been chosen to receive the item and the item is pending pick up. But if the person who was promised the item doesn't pick up the item, it may become available to other people who have replied to the Offer.

Gifted is shown on Offer posts when an item has been given away and is no longer available.

Received is shown on Request posts when the item that was requested was received.

Withdrawn is shown on posts when a post has been removed. This is used any time a member wants to take down their post but the post wasn't gifted or received.

Expired is shown on posts that are older than the expiration date set by the poster. By default, posts expire after 90 days but members can set their posts to expire sooner if they need to (eg. for food that may go bad or when people are moving out soon).