Where are all the posts? I don't see any posts?

There are a couple reasons you might not see any posts. To see posts, you first have to be logged in to trash nothing. Next, check that your post options location is correct on the Settings page and that you have added all your local groups on the the Groups page.

If you've followed the directions above and you're still not seeing any posts, it may be that your local area isn't very active or doesn't have many people using trash nothing yet. Often groups in smaller towns and rural areas have fewer members and less activity. Increasing the post options distance on the Settings page and joining groups that are farther away may help.

And even if you don't see many posts, you can still submit posts and other members in your area will see your posts. And spreading the word about the groups well help make your local area more active. Also be sure to check that you have the digest emails enabled so that you'll be notified whenever there are new posts.